Diamond Chapter

Mike Parker Surgery

First and most important, Mike Parker had by pass surgery May 16. He is in stable condition and recovering nicely. He should be out of ICU soon. Please wish him well and for a fast recovery. He is at National Park Hospital.

Steel Horse Rally, Fort Smith

Several club members braved the rain on Friday to attend this rally. We set up a vintage motorcycle display with about ten motorcycles. We had lots of interest in the old bikes. "I had one just like it when I was a kid" There were several venders. There was quite a large crowd. Concerts in the convention center all day. Garrison street was blocked off, motorcycles only. Saturday Parade started at 4:00. I would guess at 3 to 4 thousand motorcycles. The parade of Motorcycles just keep coming. This was their second year. This event will get bigger and better in the future. The weather was great on Saturday. Old Fort Smith is a cool town with a statue of a man on a horse at one end and a statue of man on a motorcycle at the other. A big THANKS to Dennis Snow and team for putting on a great Rally. Fun was had by all. I will go again. Statue picture here

Hill Country Run, Luckenbach, Texas

Susie and I went to the Hill country Run. Weather was great, Riding was great, Music was great, Cowboy breakfast was great and we had a great time. Try to make this event if you can. Nothing more to say.

Crooked Creek Flat Track Races

We had fifteen Club members for Bar B Que at James and Laura Sandages home. The Bar B Que was excellent and the company was even better. Good to see Martin Brown. James and Laura Thanks so much for your hospitably . Fun was had by all and then off to the races.

The track was a little hard to find but thanks to James we did not get lost. It is not a very big place. Several riders from out of state. It took a little while to get the races started. The track was a short track so you could see the whole race. They started with eight heat races for starting position in the main event. Things really got exciting in the main event races. Really fun to watch. Jerry Kaczynski was racing at 73 years old, did pretty well. Great time will go again.

Canon Ball Run is Coming

Scott Byrd is getting his 1916 Harley ready for the cannon ball race in September. Let's support him as much as possible. He road it to my house last week. He has got some bugs to work out and a paint job to do. Best of luck to Scott.

Web Sites of Interest

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Motorcycle Classics Magazine: motorcycleclassics.com

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Closing Comments

The weather is trying to get better, so we can do some ridding.

The Mini Road Run will be here before you know it, so get those little bikes up and running.

Ride em, don't hide em,
Michael Thomson
Diamond Chapter of Arkansas
Antique Motorcycle Club Of America